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I Am Love, Mr. Billionaire!
By: Flor_Bhoedoe_Balai I am Loraine Windrug, the most eligible bachelorette on this continent, every man competes for exclusive rights to me. My bank account is loaded, I even own more cars than I can drive, my multimillion-dollar mansion has every convenience imaginable. Men long for me, either for their guaranteed business success after a date with me or as hunters because of my reputation as an elusive billionaire. Love is written all over me, everything I touch turns to gold, every party I go is a success, every commercial event I attend turns into a blockbuster. But I only date a handful of hotly singles with whom I share a secret friends-with-benefits relationship, satisfying my freaky side with wild, kinky sex. But I never trade my virginity. And then comes that inescapable moment when I fall hard on that one man who is far beyond my reach. Dordrich Fellogan; is a billionaire media mogul, but sadly enough, married. His wife Elena and his children adore him. Yet I pursue him, had him deep inside, but cannot keep him. His love is not mine. After one of my evil jealous ex-lovers hints his wife, she catches us red-handed in the act, started an embarrassing scene, I flee from his life. Five years later, when he is left a broken, bankrupt man, I return. I face him as a business partner. I own almost all the shares of his company. His wife abandoned him at the lowest point of his life, his future is now in my hands. I reinstate his media chain, drive him crazy with lust, but keep him out of my bed. When Elena wants him back, he’s to decide between Elena and me. But I am true love, desirable, unforgettable and more. The triumph card is with me…
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Amending Destiny
By: Nikhar His eyes were red . The girl in front of him was looking all innocent but she was behind all his miseries . He badly wanted to throw her out of the house . If it wasn't for her parents he would have throw her out of the house .He controlled his inner beast . ' Listen you gold digger I am giving you a day . A single day pack your cloths and get the hell out of my house . ' The girl in front of him shivered like a leaf in storm . He came dangerously close to her . She felt his breath and so did he . ' Or else I will show you what happens to gold digger like you . I am not interested in you . But I will make your life hell .And I am man of my words .' His eyes were précising her soul . ************************** ' No no please I beg you don't this to me . Please you can hit me, beat me but don't touch me . Please . ' She cried in agony . She can't take it anymore . She is tired of this life . She felt pathetic . ' Shhh!!! Dove I am with you . I am so sorry . For me you are in this condition . I am so sorry . ' He couldn't control his tears anymore . He actually made her life hell . *************************** *Will you ever be able to forgive the person who made your life hell ?* *Will you ever be able to spend your life whom you hate ?* *Will you ever be able to amend your destiny?* Join the journey of Advika and Siddharth to find how they find love in pain and sorrow, in repentance and grief, in hate and lie. Remember not every love is selfless. This is the story of beast's selfish love for his beauty.
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The Mogul's intense adoration
By: Manogyna Marthi I drew menacing steps towards the goat. Anxiety warred on his face as he took trembling steps backwards. "How dare you touch her?" I growled holding my hands in fists like a hungry predator. His treacherous eyes started looking around searching for an object that he could defend himself. I clenched my jaw. "You have nothing to help yourself, you pig. I am your peril speaking who is going to end you merciless." Ari screamed in fright, her eyes closing in terror as I landed a blow on the fiend's face. "Please don't kill me." Robert pleaded with reddened face. "I will surrender to the cops." He succumbed to the floor as I blew another fist on the bastard's stomach. "That's not going to happen." I raised my leg holding him by the collar and plunged my feet between his legs. "Oomph" he held his crotch and landed to the ground in an affliction. I raised my fist almost hitting him for the boundless time when I feel the pressure of a hand on my shoulder. "Please don't kill him. I want you beside me not behind the bars." Ari implores with tears running endless out of her eyes. I look at her pink full lips that were bleeding in the corner, my vision scrolls down. Her slender neck had several nail marks covered in red an apparent view of physical torture. My flaring eyes directed to the muck curled in a ball in soft whimpers. My leg lifts instinctively stabbing him in his stomach. Robert takes one last staggering breath and drops unconscious. I look at Ari's hands that had several burn marks finally landing on her svelte fingers. "Why didn't you tell me about him earlier?" I ask her in agony almost unheard of my own tone. "I invited myself into this and couldn't bring up to ask you for help one more time. I need to suffer the consequences." "What happened to your ring finger?" The pain was too much to bear that my tone felt almost unheard. She told me stone cold and determined. "I refused to remove our wedding ring and he beat me to trash for still carrying your name."
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