Under the Heiress' Facade
17 years ago, Hera Youngworth was switched at birth. 17 years later, her biological family, the Everetts, manages to track her down. To her dismay, her father is scornful of her, and her grandmother dislikes her. Even her so-called fiancé has nothing but contempt for her.Her father, James Everett, tells her, "There's no way the Gaskell family will accept a country bumpkin as their daughter-in-law. For the sake of both our families, we'll make a public announcement about you being our adoptive daughter."Her grandmother, Mildred Barker, snaps, "Your grades are abysmal; you don't deserve to sleep in a room meant for members of the Everett family. A guest bedroom is all you deserve!"Her fiancé, Zyler Gaskell, says, "Giselle is the true daughter of the Everetts, and she's the only one worthy of me. Get lost, you country bumpkin!"Hera's reaction to all of this? She couldn't care less.Later, her name frequently makes headlines.Secret No. 1: Hera's the mysterious genius who got perfect scores on her SATs!Secret No. 2: Hera is actually Raven, the infamous hacker!Secret No. 3: Hera is at the top of the Divine Forum's list!Secret No. 4: Hera is the one who holds Mr. Killian's heart!The list goes on.This plot twist humiliates those who previously looked down on Hera. They get on their knees before her and beg her for help, but a certain someone teaches them a lesson and turns them down without hesitation.Bernard Killian gives them an arrogant look and dominantly announces, "Hera is mine and mine only."Then, he turns to Hera and says pitifully, "Look at how incredible you are, Mrs. Killian. I hope you'll take me under your wing in the future."Hera gives him a cold look. "Drop the act, Mr. Killian. Your secrets have long been laid bare."
Hot Mom and Her Billionaire Ex-hubby
Once upon a time, in the heart of a bustling city, there lived a young woman with a heart full of dreams and a spirit as wild as the wind. She found herself tangled in the glamorous world of the elite, married to a man whose wealth was as vast as the ocean. Their union was one of passion and intensity, but it was also one that left her feeling trapped and suffocated. After an unforgettable night of passion, she decided to take her fate into her own hands. She slipped away from the golden cage, leaving behind the life of opulence and her billionaire husband.Fast forward six years, and our heroine reappears, now a woman of strength and independence. She's not alone though; by her side is a sprightly little boy, a spitting image of his father. His twinkling eyes and charming smile are a mirror reflecting the man she left behind all those years ago. Now she is faced with a dilemma that is as old as time itself. Will she return to the arms of the man she once loved, the father of her child, and give her son the family he deserves? Or will she continue to tread the path of independence, raising her son as a fiery, hot single mom?The story is a rollercoaster ride of emotions, filled with moments of joy, heartbreak, suspense, and anticipation. It's a tale about love, sacrifice, and the strength of a woman who dared to break free from societal norms. It's about finding the courage to follow your heart, even when the world tells you otherwise. It's about the journey of a woman, a mother, and a lover. It's about life, in all its messy, beautiful glory.
Alpha King's Mate (Book 4 Hybrid Aria)
Can't believe the Moon goddess my own great great great grandmother would curse her own grandson to a life of misery. Blessings are what they say mates are, mine are a curse. Before I knew how badly mates could destroy you, tear apart your soul, I craved mine. Craved finding my other half, now I know better. Mate’s are a distraction one I couldn’t afford, yet here I am still searching for my little white wolf knowing I will be damned when I finally catch her, that I will once again have to tear off another piece of my soul when I am forced to kill this one too. Mate’s are no blessing and the Moon Goddess, well I have given up on her, my mother is a pure hybrid a direct descendant of the Moon goddess herself,making her the hybrid Queen until she handed her title to me stepping down, now I am the cursed Alpha king. My father was a werewolf so the only good thing I got out of my mother being a hybrid was being the ultimate predator, luckily I was also blessed with a wolf. My twin sisters were like my mother, just hybrid's, no wolf's no shifting, my younger brothers were like me though, tends to run in the female side the hybrid genes. I only craved blood in wolf form, my sisters craved it all the time. My family were the only hybrids except for the mutations made by Kade a crazy scientist who was hellbent on revenge for a feud that had nothing to with us only my grandfather but that didn’t stop for trying to destroy us, he used my grandfathers blood to become immortal we thought after finally killing the bastard everything was going to be fine. Well until I found my first mate, she was a hunter and what a disaster that was. I was blinded by the mate bond and she was using me to get to my pack, my family so knowing that it ended in her death. I won't stand for betrayal and having to kill her destroyed me. Yet now my grandmother has decided to fiddle with the Fates again and give me another dud for a mate. A second chance mate and this one has been eluding me for months now.
Another name: TEARS OF A FLOWER"What do you want, Victoria?" Victoria walked closer to Vega, her eyes held hatred in them."Look, let me warn you, don't even dare try to ruin my marriage, or else I will make your life a living hell!""You knew he wasn't your mate, and you let him mark you, didn't you?" Vega asked with anger brewing inside her.Victoria lowered her gaze a little, which meant she actually knew."So what if I know? I'm the one he marked, not you!" She yelled, showing Vega her marked neck.******************************What happens when your twin sister is accidentally marked by your one true mate?Victoria and Vega are twin sisters born to the Alpha of white snow pack.These sisters are so identical that it was very difficult to differentiate between them. Their Father Alpha Blake Gilbert sometimes found it hard to tell their differences too.Fortunately they had two distinct features that separated them, one is the fact that Victoriawho happened to be the eldest was reckless and stubborn, while Vega was calm and quiet.But sadly, Vega was the one who always got punished for her sister's crime.Everyone in the white snow pack thought Vega was the black sheep among the two.Vega suffered silently.Secondly, Victoria's wolf was brown while Vega's was white, but no one had seen Vega's wolf which was a rare kind.Alpha Reynold Flames of Blue Stone Pack happens to be the most famous and well-respected Alpha in the northern province of Westland.He is a Lycan and he was very powerful.At the age of thirty, Reynold was still without a mate.When he visited white snow pack, his wolf sensed the presence of their mate.Excited as he was to find his mate, he was deceived into marking the wrong woman (Victoria) since she smelled just like his mate (Vega).What will happen to these three lives which have become entangled for life? Will there be a breakthrough for them or will things get even worse?
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