Heiress Unmasked: Shaking the World With Geomancy
After being evicted by the Gray family, Shannon Gray magically becomes the heiress of an affluent family. The Gray family regrets kicking her out and wants the Jensen family to give them half its assets as compensation. Shannon sneers and uses a truth-telling talisman to expose the Gray family's true colors and the skeletons in its closet. Similarly, when a scumbag refuses to leave her alone, she easily makes him have nightmares every night.Her cousins look down on her and think she's a disgrace, but the head of the Shaw family comes knocking on their door, looking for her. "As long as you're willing to save my daughter, I'll agree to any condition you have!"The head of another affluent family that's never gotten along with the Jensen family shamelessly comes knocking, too. "I was a fool for acting the way I did in the past. I'll announce to the world that I'm your lackey as long as you're willing to help me!"Later, even Shannon's cousin, who once detested her, becomes her loyal follower. "She's the best cousin ever, and I'll curse anyone who dares say a word against her!"After everything that's happened, the Jensen family finally snaps to their senses and realizes that Shannon, whom they'd thought was a pitiful little thing, is a master at geomancy and divination.Shannon needs to rid people and places of malevolence, save lives, and suck up to a bigwig. She can't help saying, "I'm exhausted."Benjamin "Bigwig" Cooper takes the initiative to share her burden. "You don't need to suck up to me. I'm already yours."
A Contract Marriage With My Boss
A marriage bound by a contract, and she obliged to accept it. He was her boss, and she was his secretary.She gave him everything he wanted, but her love was neglected, but when she decided to leave, he offered her a contract marriage to make her stay. But, someone occupied his heart, and he couldn't offer anything to her except his talent on the bed.After their marriage, she endured the pain, but scheme after scheme destroyed her tolerance. Finally, she was ready to leave him, but suddenly he refused to let her go.Charles seemed to feel her sorrow, hugged her suddenly, and whispered, 'Sarah, you can trust me. I won't ever be with her. You are different from all those other women. I really want to be with you. If I didn't, then I wouldn't have cut off relationships with all other women. Don't you believe me now?"Sarah sobbed gently, 'If you have accepted that it's over with her, why do you still keep her photo in your wallet? Why do you still miss her? Don't you see how it's hurting me?"Charles stared at her, 'She's just another woman from my past!"The atmosphere between them became suffocating, and Charles said in a low voice, 'Sarah, have I told you that you could leave? Remember, I'm your boss. You are my secretary and my wife!"Angrily, Charles shouted again, 'Sarah, I'm your man!"'Uh? My man?" Sarah laughed and stared at him.Tears began to slip down her cheeks, 'Are you, my man? Mr. President, I am just a mere possession of yours and never become your wife! Set me free, I'm begging you!"
Gabriel Wilsons, the well known 'devil' in the whole business industry of Chicago. He has everything that you wish for your dream man to have. Power, money, perfection, handsomeness and a body like a Greek God. But he's in love. He's still in love with the woman from his past. The same woman he has given everything he had before, but eventually betrayed him, left him and shattered his heart into pieces. And because of that, he turned into a cold, heartless, rude and an arrogant billionaire who will do everything to seek revenge and to show her that she's no longer important in his life. Even though the truth is the opposite of what he is doing. That's when he met me. I applied as his Personal Assistant to fulfil my bucket list of dreams. To explore my life and experience everything. Then he offered me a deal. He asked me to marry him just to show his ex that he already moved on. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ "She's pregnant." He blurted out and I almost fall from where I stood. I just grasped the backrest of the couch to support my weight. The pain creeping in my heart was unbearable but I managed to stay calm. "Congratulations!" I said faking my excitement. Well, I can't call it as cheating because she's the real reason why we were pretending as a couple. And that's when I made the biggest decision in my life. Taking the biggest secret in me, that I've already fallen in love with him---- I left him. Then eventually I learned a lesson. 'Loving someone who doesn't love you back isn't as hard as loving someone who can't see your worth and only uses you as his way to get someone he loves back into his life."
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