Her monster
They had gone for shopping. It was late at night, when they were returning. Aisha could see trees along the tree. she always felt scared by their darkness at night, the mystery hidden behind those woods. the fear of unknown was always there in her.Aisha gave birth to a beautiful baby girl. everyone was really happy. but there was something special about the baby. the energy around her could change the moods of people, she could attract people without even doing anything .Aisha was going out with her daughter, when on the steps of their house, a lady was standing.she looked at the baby and came nearer." this girl is special. protect her! god has chosen the dark for her .... for her to be the light in that dark. "she left after that and Aisha was left standing there shocked. she took the baby to a cousin's place. her maternal family knew witchcraft. she knew that the words of the lady were not vain.when she reached her cousin's place, her cousin got shocked seeing the baby. it was the first time, her cousin was seeing the baby, she didn't leave the house, until it was utmost necessary.her cousin took them to a darker room, and started going through some drawers. " the lady told you the truth. we can't hide her forever, but we can protect her for now " her cousin said and put an amulet around the baby's neck. it had a beautiful blue stone in it.Aisha looked ready to break down. she had got blessed by a baby after a decade of their wedding. she didn't want to lose her daughter.her cousin came near her " don't worry! just don't let her ever remove this amulet. not even for some minutes"Aisha went home and shared everything with Darsh " the energy around her was different, I could feel it. now, it's more contained, more avoidable. let's just pray, that god will do which would be better for her " Darsh said and kissed the forehead of her daughter.
The Mogul's intense adoration
I drew menacing steps towards the goat. Anxiety warred on his face as he took trembling steps backwards. "How dare you touch her?" I growled holding my hands in fists like a hungry predator. His treacherous eyes started looking around searching for an object that he could defend himself. I clenched my jaw. "You have nothing to help yourself, you pig. I am your peril speaking who is going to end you merciless." Ari screamed in fright, her eyes closing in terror as I landed a blow on the fiend's face. "Please don't kill me." Robert pleaded with reddened face. "I will surrender to the cops." He succumbed to the floor as I blew another fist on the bastard's stomach. "That's not going to happen." I raised my leg holding him by the collar and plunged my feet between his legs. "Oomph" he held his crotch and landed to the ground in an affliction. I raised my fist almost hitting him for the boundless time when I feel the pressure of a hand on my shoulder. "Please don't kill him. I want you beside me not behind the bars." Ari implores with tears running endless out of her eyes. I look at her pink full lips that were bleeding in the corner, my vision scrolls down. Her slender neck had several nail marks covered in red an apparent view of physical torture. My flaring eyes directed to the muck curled in a ball in soft whimpers. My leg lifts instinctively stabbing him in his stomach. Robert takes one last staggering breath and drops unconscious. I look at Ari's hands that had several burn marks finally landing on her svelte fingers. "Why didn't you tell me about him earlier?" I ask her in agony almost unheard of my own tone. "I invited myself into this and couldn't bring up to ask you for help one more time. I need to suffer the consequences." "What happened to your ring finger?" The pain was too much to bear that my tone felt almost unheard. She told me stone cold and determined. "I refused to remove our wedding ring and he beat me to trash for still carrying your name."
Alpha's Unhinged Mate (Hybrid Aira Sequel)
You know how parent's always talk about the wild child, the bad influence. The person no one wants their kids hanging out with. Well growing up that was me. They called me unhinged, they weren't wrong. My life altered by a monster. My wolf altered permanently, uncontrollable, reckless. Not only destroying my wolf but also me. My fater was is the Alpha of The Black Moon Pack and I am the only heir to take over. I never wanted to be Alpha, but not because I am weak, not because I'm not Alpha Material. No one of those things, but because I wan't normal. When I was 6 years old my pack was attacked by hunters. They tested mutated genes on me, What Kade and the hunters had done, not only Altered my wolf but destroyed any chance of me being able to control my wolf. She is crazed, untamed and has no control once she takes over. My family tried for years to help me control her. But she was unhinged and now a danger to everyone. The older I got, the stronger she got. I feared my wolf and what she was capable of. Which made people fear me. We still don't know the effects the mutated gene will have on me, one thing we know is, when I turned of age, I didn't find a mate. I don't think I have one. How could I when my wolf had all bonds to the human part severed. So how is it possible to bond with another when she can't even bond with her human counterpart. I am glad enough, I couldn't destory someone like that, no one wants a broken mate. No one wants the unhinged Alpha.
His Rogue Princess- Medusa
"Strip" Medusa's breath hitched on hearing his command, she could have argued but it had no room for discussion. She took off the face-covering scarf, her fingers trembled as she bend to slowly slide off her long pink skirt then took off her panties. Her thighs were coated with arousal which dripped down as she stood up parting her long silver hair to a side, arching her back to take off the bralette. Medusa was all naked infront of him, her clothes lying at his feet when she peered at him through her eyelashes. Her thighs clenching on seeing him drinking her with a wild animalistic lust in his eyes which had darkened as his pupils dilated. "Rhy-" "On the bed, face down, ass up." Medusa gasped softly when he took off his long coat throwing it down along with her clothes. "NOW" she didn't need to hear anything after that as she scrambled on the bed getting on all fours arching her back and raising her ass for him. She put her head down turning to a side watching him taking off his belt, her cheeks burning crimson at the exposing position her body was in. She was completely bare to him, her body all for him to do as he wished, to play it like an instrument for himself. All ready for his punishments. "Keep your hands at the back" The bed dipped behind her as he settled on bed. He held both her wrists binding them together with a leather cloth..the rough belt he had taken off. Her heavy breathing was only sound that could be heard and his intense gaze on her was the only thing she could focus on. Minutes passes when he didn't touched Medusa making her squirm. A loud smack upon her butt made her yelp in surprise which soon turned into a wanton moan. His hands massaged her ass digging his fingers as his large calloused palms gently gave them a squeeze. "You will listen to me little girl." His lips traced her earshell whispering it to her.
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